Option Matrix Industry Expertise

Option Matrix R&D team has summarized our experience in specialist areas of work to
offer initial ground up of nearly 30-60% in our projects and this results in shorter delivery
cycles. Our industry expertise also enables us to provide insights to our clients on the
most effective user interface, functional workflow and technology use.


Automation of work related to purchase & stores, production planning, inventory control, logistics, distribution and logistics, warehouse management and quality assurance automation are the key areas of expertise

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Inventory Control
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Material Requirement
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Order Fulfilment & Delivery
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase & Store Control
  • Quality Assurance

Maintenance Planning Solution

Maintenance Management framework covers corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance modules with alerts, notifications, equipment schedules, work orders and equipment availability reports.

Material Management Solution

Warehouse and Inventory Control application enables full fledged management of material including inflow, outflow and storage locations. Role based workflow is implemented to submit and approve issue and receipt of material. Stock reconciliation is further facilitated by RFID and bar coding.

Outbound Logistics Module

Fleet Management solution enables monitoring the movement of vehicles, tracks revenue and expense for each vehicle and provides a preventive maintenance schedule tracking facility.

Store Management Module

Material Management solution covers planning, ordering, acquiring and issue of various categories of non-asset items such as drugs, medicines, oxygen cylinders, disinfectants, consumables, samples, surgical gloves, stationery and aprons among others. Inventory control analyses based or value or consumption can be done and stock reconciliation statements can be printed.

Store Room Inventory Control

nventory POS manages sales invoicing with bar coding support and online payment integration. Inventory reconciliation reports, value / consumption based inventory analysis and sales trend reports aid in decision making.

Order Fulfillment Portal

Sales and Distribution solution manages customer orders, order fulfilment, invoicing and stock transfer. This project was done for an auto component manufacturer tied to an OEM vehicle manufacturer. Inventory control and quality inspection feedback in terms of lot acceptance statistics were the most important features in the application.

Audit Automation

This solution helps to ensure organization wide best practices across business units, locations, divisions and departments. It is an integrated solution to create checklists, schedule & record audits and track discrepancies to closure. Best practice checklists based on our global project experience have been pre-loaded into this solution. Click here for details

CEO Agenda

CEO Agenda

The main source of advantage in the business comes from the business leaders's unique way of thinking and doing things. Organisations are often like photo copies of their business leaders. Have you created a custom software that reflects your unique way of thinking and doing business?

Technology is a magnifier. It loudly highlights both what is brilliant as well as the gaps in the processes. Dynamic business leaders are not intimidated by gaps but embrace the transparency and visibility of information to create a adaptive fast paced enterprise.

You should not use custom software everywhere in the business but only in those processes that are very special and unique to your business and which make you superior and specialized compared to the competition.

Click here for custom software checklist

Lab on Hire

Lab on Hire

We have great respect for innovative product development enterpreneurs who risk time and capital to make technology accessible to the masses. Option Matrix serves as an offshore development partner for product companies around the world with tremendous enthusiasm and pride

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